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Bedford St Chrurch Of Christ


Your wedding is a sacred occasion. It will be most meaningful to you and your families and friends when there is careful planning. For that reason, the following guidelines will help you plan for your wedding at Bedford St Church Of Christ. Please read them fully.

            Weddings are held in the Main Auditorium, seating 120, or the Dining Hall, seating 100. lower auditorium and Dining Hall are available for receptions. The kitchen may also be used to prepare for the reception. Dressing rooms for the wedding party are included.

In order to allow time for necessary cleaning of facility prior to Sunday morning, we will not schedule any wedding later than 6:00 PM (with reception following) on Saturday nights. On other nights, weddings may be scheduled no later than 7:00 PM. We ask that decorations be removed and the building be cleared of your belongings by 3 hours after the conclusion of the ceremony.

Fee Schedule:    



Deposit (refundable after wedding if guidelines are observed)*       $200

Wedding & Reception (Auditorium & Fireplace Room)                        $400

Wedding & Reception (Auditorium & Dining Hall)                                $500


Wedding w/o Reception (Auditorium              or Dining Hall)              $300

Honorarium to Minister for Service**                                                   $___

                                                       *minus building cleaning charge

                                                     **Discuss with Minister

Please contain your activities, including adult supervision of children, to the portions of the building reserved.

The Church of Christ in Milton provides:

  • A building facilitator from our church as your contact person to help with facility needs. She will be here for your rehearsal and on your wedding day 3 hours before the wedding and will clean up after. She is not a wedding coordinator. (It is important that the times indicated for your rehearsal and wedding be observed, and care should be taken to have all members of the wedding party in their places at the time indicated.)

  • Sound system operator for microphones and music

  • Set up/take down of tables and chairs for reception. Six-foot rectangular tables and chairs are available for your use. Please submit a set up diagram to the church office one week before the wedding. Decorating may not be done in the Auditorium before Thursday and the reception room before Friday.

  • Serving items for reception. Plastic must be used under all candles. (Kitchen supplies of paper plates, cups, etc. are reserved for church ministry use only.) You may use the commercial coffeemaker and filters in the kitchen, but please provide your own coffee.


Wedding party provides:

  • Minister or official performing the ceremony (subject to approval of church leadership)

  • Music (taped or performers)

  • Servers for your reception

  • Decorations, flowers, food catering if used. Decorations on pews or walls may not be attached by pinning, gluing or nailing. Please make arrangements with your coordinator and/or the church office for florist and caterer deliveries to the building and decorating prior to the wedding. If large decorating items cannot be picked up from the premises immediately after the wedding, prior arrangements must be made with the church office for a storage location for a few days.




Please observe the following restrictions:

  • No rice, birdseed or confetti (even as table decoration) is permitted inside the building.

  • No smoking in any part of the building

  • Food and beverages must be confined to the reception room.

  • No alcoholic beverages

  • No dancing

  • Nothing may be attached to walls with tacks, nails, pins, tape, etc.

  • No other furnishings or plants intended to permanently furnish a particular room may be moved to another room, saving wear and tear on our furnishings.


See attached form to be submitted :

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