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Hollering for Help

Search for the LORD and for his strength;continually seek him.

Psalm 105:4

When we find ourselves in a desperate predicament, it is human nature to turn to any available source of help, however unreliable or implausible.

Several prominent men in the state of Illinois went one day to visit the state penitentiary. The warden personally took them on a tour of the vast institution, and they saw all the facilities.

Near the end of the tour, one fellow somehow managed to get separated from the group, and he could not find his way out.

He roamed up and down one cold corridor after another, becoming more desperate with each passing minute. Finally he came across a convict who was peering out from between the bars of his cell door. Here was salvation at last!

Breathing a sigh of relief, the man hurried up to the prisoner and hastily asked, “Say, pal, how do you get out of this place, anyway?”

That’s a little bit like sending a marshmallow to put out a bonfire or asking a stockbroker if you should invest in the market. Even if you get an answer that sounds logical, you might not want to rely on it too much. Before following another person’s advice, it’s wise to consider the source!

We often look in the wrong places for answers to our problems. We ask for advice from friends, family, attorneys, and counselors. Sometimes we gain helpful insights; sometimes we don’t. If, however, we seek the wisdom of God when it comes to the difficult issues of our lives, we get good advice every time.

When life knocks you to your knees, pray. Look up to God, not just out to worldly sages and services. God’s counsel is trustworthy because his Word is reliable and true: “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path”

(Psalm 119:105).

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