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Greater Purposes

The LORD will work out his plans for my life.

Psalm 138:8 NLT

At times, life doesn’t seem fair. You see others enjoying the gifts you long for and wonder why God doesn’t bless you too—especially as trials and pressures mount. You question, “Father, don’t You love me? Why won’t You help me?”

The pain may be profound—the uncertainty, rejection, loss, and even disrespect may tear you apart. But understand, the Lord uses challenges in your life for your benefit and His greater purposes.

This was true for all the biblical heroes

. Abraham spent decades painfully watching unbelievers have children when he couldn’t, but eventually his offspring became a great nation that endures to this day. Joseph was sold into slavery and thrown unjustly in jail, but God eventually made him second to Pharaoh. Paul was beaten and imprisoned for his faithful testimony to Christ, yet his words have encouraged millions of believers throughout history.

So don’t lose heart or be afraid. Your loving Father is using these circumstances to strengthen your faith, equipping you for higher service. Just keep trusting Him and expect great blessings to come from this adversity.

Lord, this situation appears unfair, but I trust Your will for my life. Thank You for training me, amen.

In His presence . . . trust His greater purposes.

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